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Estate Planning

Estates Planning


TaylorWalker P.C. works closely with clients to advise and assist them in meeting their estate planning and administration goals.


TaylorWalker P.C. provides a full range of estate planning and administration services designed to achieve the personal, economic and tax planning goals of our clients. These services include guidance with respect to the accumulation, retention and transfer of assets.

We prepare wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and charitable giving documents. Careful consideration is given to income tax, gift tax, estate tax and generation skipping transfer tax consequences of all such documents.

Our estate planning practice offers our clients a detailed package that includes planning for marriage, divorce, retirement, disability and death. Our attorneys are experienced in administering estates and trusts of all sizes. We have provided assistance in matters such as the following:

Wills • Revocable Trusts • Irrevocable Trusts • Life Insurance Trusts • Charitable Trusts • Family Partnership • Family Limited Liability • GRATS • Personal Residence Trust • Prenuptial Agreement • Decedent’s Estates • Trust Administration • Estate Tax Returns • Tax Audits • General Durable Powers of Attorney • Health Care Powers of Attorney • Conservatorship • Guardianship • Elder Law


Estates & Trusts

A will sets forth the manner in which your assets and property are passed to your heirs. The use of wills, and often trusts, is necessary to preserve and transfer an individual’s assets. A properly executed will be “self authenticating” and will be accepted by a court without further proof of its authenticity.

Our estate planning attorneys have substantial experience in drafting and administering wills and trusts. Our experience enables us to provide efficient, responsive and cost-effective legal guidance in this significant, personal area.

Advance Medical Directive (Living Will)

An advance medical directive (also known as a living will) is a document in which your wishes concerning the continuation or removal of medical treatment in certain conditions is spelled out. These conditions are usually in effect after you have been fully examined by more than one physician and it is determined to a medical certainty that you are either permanently unconscious, or you have a terminal condition where death will occur in a short period. This document will allow you to make the decision about your end of life, rather than asking loved ones to make the decision at a time when they will be upset and emotional. It allows you, while you are competent, to choose someone you trust as your personal representative to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. It addresses HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) requirements regarding privacy of personal health information, and the designation of a personal representative. This document is used when you are incapable of making your own decisions, such as during surgery or unconscious from an accident.

Economic Power of Attorney

An economic power of attorney is a written document designating and authorizing someone to act on your behalf to manage and conduct your affairs (your “agent.”). This power of attorney does not terminate on your disability, but only upon your revocation of it, or your death. A power of attorney allows the person designated as your agent to have full power and authority to manage and conduct all of your affairs, and to exercise your legal rights and powers. Extreme caution and thought should be exercised when making the decision to appoint someone as your agent.