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Real Estate

Real Estate


TaylorWalker P.C. represents residential and commercial buyers and sellers in a wide variety of real estate transactions.


TaylorWalker P.C.’s real estate practice takes a multi-disciplinary approach to real estate law that mirrors the increasing complexity and sophistication of real estate in the 21st century. Our practice is comprised of lawyers with experience in related areas of securities, taxation, environmental law, bankruptcy, litigation and other relevant fields. This collaborative strength assures clients that we bring to the table the experience and skills needed to resolve the demands of this highly competitive and complex industry.

As a full service real estate department, we also assist clients with matters such as contract negotiation, title searches, title insurance and closings.

Title Searches

Our experienced real estate practice provides our clients with accurate title information. We employ the most respected real estate professionals to conduct these fact-finding searches of commercial and residential property.

Title Insurance

This insurance offers our clients the security of knowing we stand by our title searches.


TaylorWalker P.C. represents clients throughout the closing process. We review all documents needed to ensure a sound transaction has been conducted.


Real Estate Attorneys

Christopher J. Wiemken This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Norfolk